Can't Miss Acts at CMWorld 2019

Can't Miss Acts at CMWorld 2019Come
one! Come all! Come several! Come few!  Step right up! Don’t be
shy! You there in the back, with the funny hat, step right up! You
over there with the earrings and the weird mustache, come on in!
There’s room for everyone under the Big Top, and it’s time for
the Greatest Content Marketing Show
on Earth
! That’s right, Content
Marketing World is mere days away. There is no more exciting place
for a content marketer to be next week than Cleveland, OH(sure, it
would be great if it were in Hawaii next year, but Cleveland is not
without its charms). There’s a lot to look forward to: The
opening night festivities! The keynotes! The sessions! The
potential to see amazing marketing geniuses do bad karaoke! If
you’re headed to the big show, you have some tough decisions to
make. There’s no way to see every must-see session live — there
are 120 over just three days. But we’re here to help. Here’s
our list of sessions we’re particularly excited to see. Use it to
help guide your schedule-setting. 16 Can’t-Miss Sessions at
Content Marketing World 2019 #1:
How to Develop a B2B Influencer Marketing Program that Actually
Speaker(s): Lee Odden and Amisha Gandhi
Time: 9/3, 1:00 p.m. Lee is the CEO of TopRank Marketing
(maybe you’ve heard of him), but editorial bias aside, he’s
well-recognized as a leading authority on B2B influencer marketing.
Lee is doing for influencer marketing what Joe Pulizzi did for
content: Turning it into a disciplined marketing strategy that gets
results.  Amisha is the founder of the SAP* Global Influencer
Program, responsible for creating and maintaining influencer
relationships for a Fortune 500 brand, another pioneer in the B2B
influencer marketing space.  Put them together and what have you
got? An intense working session that will equip you with plenty of
practical experience to apply to your own program. #2:

Keynote: MKTG 2030
Joe PulizziSpeaker: Joe Pulizzi
Time: 9/4, 8:15 a.m. Going to Content Marketing World and
missing Joe’s keynote would be like going to the Vatican and
missing the Pope. Joe continues to be one of the guiding voices of
content marketing. He’s sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes
controversial, sometimes downright shocking — but he’s never
boring. #3:
3 Cs To Drive Your B(rand): Putting The Focus On Content,
Customer, And Culture
Speaker: Maliha Aqeel
Time: 9/4, 10:15 a.m. Customers are demanding consistent,
and consistently exceptional, brand experiences. To meet that
demand, marketers must step out of their comfort zone and work
alongside sales, customer service, and customer experience. Maliha
Aqeel has been working to build a holistic brand model at Ernst and
Young, and her insights here are sure to inspire. #4:

Find Your Brand Voice And Connect With Your Customers

Speaker: Dipanjan
Time: 9/4, 10:15 a.m. Here’s your first
difficult choice: Forrester Vice President Dipanjan Chatterjee is
presenting his company’s research on marketing for voice
interaction at the same time as Maliha’s presentation. If your
organization is exploring the potential of voice search and smart
assistants, this is definitely a can’t-miss session. Pick the one
most relevant to your current needs, and catch the other one on the
replay. #5:
From Nontent To Content: Why Social Innovation Is The Future Of
Winning At Relevance
Carlos AblerSpeaker: Carlos Abler
Time: 9/4, 11:20 a.m. We’ve followed Carlos’ emergence
as a content marketing thought leader for the last few years,
as he’s gone from up-and-comer to sought-after public speaker.
His work with 3M* has been consistently excellent.  This session
seeks to turn content marketers into “social entrepreneurs” to
deliver hyper-relevant content. #6:
Content Marketing Fitness – 10 Exercises to Build Your Marketing
Beach Body
Lee OddenSpeaker: Lee Odden Time:
9/4, 2:00 p.m.  I may not be the most physically fit guy in the
world, but my content marketing strategy is totally buff. It’s
all thanks to Lee’s content marketing fitness regimen: It’s all
about trimming the fat, getting back to basics, and avoiding the
temptation of new shiny objects. This session will help you ditch
your content marketing bad habits and become a lean, mean, ROI
machine. #7:
What Do We Want? Content. When Do We Want It? Asap. Your
Strategic Approach To Sane + Sustainable Success

Ann HandleySpeaker: Ann Handley
Time: 9/4, 3:05 p.m. Ann Handley is a brand unto herself.
Her name is synonymous with entertaining, high-quality, educational
content. Just read the description for her session for a preview of
how charismatic, relatable and knowledgeable she is. Just as you
should never miss a chance to hear Lee Odden talk about
influencers, you should never miss Ann Handley talking about
content creation. #8:
Building A Business Case For Marketing Technology

Speaker: Zari Venhaus
Time: 9/5, 10:15 a.m. Personalized content marketing at
scale: That’s the dream. Martech is the only way we’re going to
make that dream a reality. And until we have unlimited budgets,
we’ll have to justify the expense of all that shiny new tech. As
the Corporate Marketing Communications Director at Eaton, Zari has
plenty of experience to bring to what promises to be a practical,
tactical session. #9:
Diversity In Marketing Using Artificial Intelligence

Speaker: Robbee Minicola
Time: 9/5, 10:15 a.m. Robbee is the Senior Director at
Microsoft, so she’s bound to have the inside track on what’s
happening with artificial intelligence. The idea of using AI for
good — promoting diversity and inclusion in content, overcoming
natural human biases — is particularly exciting to me. 
Empathetic Content: The Key To Creating Lasting B2b Customer
Speaker(s): April Henderson
and Laura
Time: 9/5, 11:20 a.m. Data nerds, rejoice: April
and Laura from Forrester Research are here to bring their insights
about the evolving nature of B2B consumers. This session promises
to teach five data-driven best practices in creating more
empathetic content. #11:
Walking The Tightrope: Architecting Teams To Deliver
Consistently Innovative Content Marketing Results

Carla JohnsonSpeaker: Carla Johnson
Time: 9/5, 11:20 a.m. If you’re in charge of a marketing
team, this session is essential. Carla is a keynote speaker and an
experienced practicing CMO who has worked with dozens of innovative
brands. She’s had to take diverse groups and turn them into
productive teams over and over again throughout her career. She’s
sure to have fresh insights to help your team be more productive.
Don’t Let Them Scare You, A Machine Can’t Do Marketing

Speaker: Tameka Vasquez
Time: 9/5, 12:20 p.m. Will AI replace content marketers?
What skills should we be developing to survive and thrive as
technology takes over? Are we freaking out a little too much?
Tameka, Assistant VP of Marketing at Genpact, promises a refreshing
new take on what machines mean to marketing.  #13:
What the…Influencer Marketing!
Speaker(s): Amisha Gandhi,
Time: 9/5, 12:20 p.m. This session brings
together an accomplished brand practitioner (Amisha Gandhi from
SAP*), and a B2B Influencer Marketing consultant with a proven
track record in the field. If you’re just getting started with
influencer marketing, or looking to level up to a more strategic,
long-term program, this is the session for you. #14:

Disrupting Thought Leadership: What It Really Takes to Create a
Personal Content Platform that Works
Speaker: Amber Naslund
Time: 9/5, 1:45 p.m. In a way, personal thought leadership
is just content marketing with yourself as the client. Amber
Naslund of LinkedIn* has been instrumental in developing the social
media site as a platform for thought leadership. Their forays into
long-form social and personal publishing have set a new standard
for the industry. This session will help you choose the right
topics, develop your personal voice, and distribute your content
where it will get seen. #15:
Ushering In The Era Of Integrated Marketing: How (and Why)
Content Teams Can Drive Organizational Transformation

Speaker: Shafqat Islam
Time: 9/5, 1:45 p.m. Already comfortable with your personal
thought leadership? Attend this 1:45 session and start thinking
bigger about marketing’s role in your larger organization. As I
said, businesses are starting to take a more holistic approach to
marketing/sales/customer experience, and someone needs to drive the
bus. This session promises practical advice on reforming your teams
to meet the challenge. #16:
Guardians Of Content Vol 1: How To Scale B2b Influencer Content
To Save The Galaxy
Speaker: Ashley Zeckman
Time: 9/6, 8:00 a.m. You’ll hear a lot about personalized,
more relevant content throughout your Content Marketing World
experience. TopRank Marketing’s own Ashley Zeckman offers one of
the best ways to create that next-level content: Ongoing B2B
influencer marketing at scale. Learn what brands like Dell* and
Adobe* already know: How to co-create amazing content with
influencers regardless of your industry or vertical. See You Under
the Big Top The TopRank Marketing crew have brought you the best of
#CMWorld for five years running, and we’re ready to bring the
noise this year, too. We hope to see you there, but if you can’t
make it, we have you covered. Look forward to liveblogs,
tweetstorms, tons of takeaways and dozens of selfies. Subscribe now to stay
up-to-date on Content Marketing World and beyond. *Disclosure:
SAP, 3M, LinkedIn, Dell, and Adobe are TopRank Marketing

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