You shouldn’t spend another minute on the tasks I’m about to list out. With my experience as a VA, I’ve found out that these tasks stall the growth of entrepreneurs the most. And most businesses usually scale when they identify these things to outsource to a virtual assistant.

Many online entrepreneurs have a good idea of the tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant.

The point they fumble, however, is in knowing how to efficiently delegate these tasks to a VA.

You might’ve been taking notes, written or mental, on the activities that you shouldn’t spend time doing.

Maybe it’s answering the client’s email, arranging meetings for clients, processing client orders, creating and scheduling social media posts, or transcribing audio to text content.

There’s a good chance that you’ve even written down some of these low-value tasks. If you haven’t already, don’t worry as I’m about to show you some urgent tasks that VAs need to take off your plate.

Though, before I get to it, I need to let you know the tried and true way most entrepreneurs have previously outsourced tasks to a virtual assistant.

It’s no use having a list of tasks to delegate when you don’t know how to pass the baton effectively to your VA.

Onboarding a new virtual assistant into your team comes with some back and forth questions that can be cut in half if you learn how to artfully shelve activities to your VA.

It also comes with little first-time mistakes that can be greatly reduced if you could do more than just holler instructions to your VA.

When I get new clients as a virtual assistant, I find that I catch on unusually fast with the client who has already prepared training for me, compared to the one who just introduces me to the business and expects me to start helping out.

The training could be in the form of a text, like a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), though I find screencast or video tutorials to be more effective.

Creating training for your virtual assistant is only one piece of the puzzle. It’s easy to fall into the ‘curse of knowledge’ and skip some details that are so basic to you, but not to your VA.

That’s why you’ll always get the best result by mastering the specific task you want to delegate, create a training manual for it, then hand it out to your VA.

By taking the time to master the task, you’ll be familiar with beginner-level issues, making you more inclined to train your VA the way he’ll best understand.

To ramp up the effectiveness of this training, use a screencast recording as your training material.

A screencast lets you make a training video while sharing your screen. This way, your virtual assistant sees you completing the task while you explain the steps using the microphone audio feature.

I get the hang of the job quickly with clients that use screencast recordings as part of the onboarding process.

This method I just showed you is a tested way to effectively get your VA up and running in no time.

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27 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant Immediately

things to outsource to a virtual assistant

Here are the tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant immediately if you want to see an increased level of traction in your online business.

Social media scheduling, research, and listening

How much time do you actually have to be active on social media?

Or how much time can you realistically dedicate to listening to industry trends, incorporating it into your research, drafting a content calendar, and patiently schedule social media posts?

As an entrepreneur, you don’t have the luxury of time.

Time is so essential to the success of your online business, even more than money.

There are a lot of things you’d rather spend 24 hours of your day doing, like thinking about your next big business move, making strategic partnership connections, or even writing quality content for your website if you prefer to be the voice of your business.

This is exactly where a virtual assistant comes in.

On the other hand, your social media presence shouldn’t be left to chance, because that’s one channel where online customers can come in contact with your business.

So, what do you do?

Hire a virtual assistant to handle all your social media profiles.

With Facebook accounting for 50% of social referrals and 64% of total social revenue, you can’t afford to not pay attention to that area.

Besides, several SEO experts have observed that the popularity of your posts on social media speeds up the time interval with which Google ranks it on search results.

The more engagements your post gets on social media, the quicker Google seems to rank it.

What can a virtual assistant do for you on social media?

First off, imagine how many hours you can gain by delegating everything about social media to your VA.

The feeling is incredibly freeing.

Better still, the quality of your life is improved and you feel more in control of your business with less stress, just focusing on what only you can do.

A social media virtual assistant can listen in on current industry trends, draft a social content copy over a period of time, schedule posts, manage interactions, and update all your social media profiles.

They can even create monthly reports on your social media metrics to see how well your posts are performing, engage with your audience when you can’t, follow back those who follow you, and unfollow those with spammy profiles.

Believe me, if you are to religiously dedicate time to social media by doing all these things, both you and your business will likely suffer for it.

That’s why most brand executives who’ve previously hired VAs confess that a virtual assistant is their secret weapon.

You can find a VA for social media management here.

Email management and filtering

True, your email inbox is the last thing you want to give up control over.

I mean, who in his right mind will give someone else the password to intimately access his email inbox that’s full of sensitive business information?

No one, except an entrepreneur who’s caught the vision of delegating.

In the beginning, most people are fairly able to manage the emails they receive themselves.

Over time, as the business grows, which it will, your inbox will start growing a life of its own.

I’ve read about an online entrepreneur who receives an insane amount of 200 emails a day.

And I’m pretty sure that’s the typical figure among most established executives.

How in the world can you cope with that and still have enough time to perform high-value business activities like writing new blog posts and creating new courses?

Knowing that hiring a full-time employee is not an option as they’re far too costly when compared to a VA, a virtual assistant is the best way to go.

If you’re anything like most clients, you already have 600-20,000 emails sitting in your inbox, eating up your storage, and wearing you out.

As if that’s not enough, hundreds of emails are trooping in on a daily business, further reinforcing your almost helpless disposition to the situation.

I bet the thought of just deleting every email and starting over has occurred to you once. Please, don’t do it.

Instead, hire a virtual assistant to manage your emails for you.

What exactly can a virtual assistant do for me when managing my email?

First off, they can start by replying to all your business inquiries in a timely and succinct manner.

Most times, there are emails you get from your customers, as well as other inquiries, that have recurring questions in them.

Your virtual assistant can create a canned response to each of those email categories and reply on your behalf quickly.

If there are some emails you’d rather read and reply to yourself, you can tell your VA to star them for you to peruse later.

Then again, different types of emails from business colleagues, friends, family, all arrive at your inbox.

Your virtual assistant can create an automatic sorting rule to disperse them into their appropriate folders.

What about those old messages that are piled up and you feel so helpless against?

An efficient virtual assistant will delete all irrelevant ones with your supervision and approval, trim your inbox, and will continue pruning the emails as they come.

This means that your VA will patiently unsubscribe you from all promotional emails coming from websites that you’re tired of.

What more can you ask for?

If it’s your goal to achieve Inbox Zero, your virtual assistant will help you with it.

Setting up email sequences/campaigns with a CRM software

In other words, helping you with email marketing using an email service provider.

Email marketing is a darn popular way you can use to build and nurture trust with your loyal followers.

The selling point of having an email list is that you can sell courses to your audience, as they’re emotionally invested in your brand already.

Now, this is a crucial aspect of your online business.

You might decide that you’ll write the email copy and have your virtual assistant schedule it in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

The CRM is basically the email service provider like ConvertKit, Aweber, or Drip.

However, some virtual assistants like me are bloggers and we have our own email list.

We’re very experienced in writing email copy that inspires readers to take action.

If that’s the case and you’re comfortable with your VA’s email copywriting skills, you can delegate the entire writing and scheduling of emails to your virtual assistant.

Most times, you’ll need to send an email newsletter to your subscribers when you’ve published a new blog post.

Other times, you’ll need to create campaign emails for launching new courses.

Whatever the case, a virtual assistant can be trusted to take email marketing off your plate, allowing you to focus on more important tasks like creating new courses.

Keyword research

You very well know the familiar task you’ve got to complete before writing new blog posts.

There’s a good chance that you detest it. Nevertheless, it’s crucial in determining whether you’ll be able to get traffic by ranking in Google or not.

Keyword research is an activity most bloggers would happily outsource if they knew how to.

Who wants to spend time in Google Keyword Planner sorting through different keyword ideas, only to pick one or two to use?

Wouldn’t it be great to have your virtual assistant supply you a list of keyword ideas with low competition and decent monthly traffic?

All you have to do then is to start writing your post.

Some entrepreneurs have never thought of this possibility before. Maybe you have, but you’re not sure your VA can dig out “low-hanging” keywords to your satisfaction.

All you have to do is to train your virtual assistant on how to do it. I have a guide on how to hire and train a VA here.

You can record a screencast video of you conducting keyword research, give it to your VA and he’ll replicate it.

If you’ll like your VA to display different keywords with their monthly searches and competition level, he can easily draft them in a Google spreadsheet.

Some popular and easy-to-use tools when doing keyword research are Google Keyword Planner and the Keywords Everywhere extension in the Chrome browser.

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool to use while Keywords Everywhere extension requires you to pay for credits as you use.

I think Keywords Everywhere is a premium tool because they show you the exact number of searches a keyword gets in a month.

Google Keyword Planner just gives you an estimated range of monthly searches. For example, “1K-10K monthly searches.”

Of course, there are other free keyword research tools you can use such as Ubersuggest, Wordtracker, and Answer the Public.

Conducting online research

Before we start creating content, whether blog posts or courses, adequate research is always required.

Most times, we don’t find the time for it, and that’s where a virtual assistant comes in.

Admit it, writing a blog post or creating a course is a high-value task that, if possible, you should be doing yourself.

Your audience directly interacts with these activities, you connect and build trust with them through your words, and that alone can hinder or accelerate sales.

Every other thing can be outsourced, along with the research that comes with content creation.

A virtual assistant can provide you with adequate facts and materials that are needed to create amazing content.

But wait, a virtual assistant is not limited to only content creation when helping you out with research.

What other areas can a virtual assistant help you with research?

Your virtual assistant can help you dig out the contact information of useful leads.

You might want to reach out to some brand influencers without knowing their emails or phone numbers.

This is a perfect research task to outsource to your virtual assistant. Most VAs will use different online tools available to get it and provide you with a Google spreadsheet showing the contacts of all those you want to have.

Another way in which VAs can help is by researching your competitors and audience.

Your virtual assistant can look out for the areas your competitors are gaining an advantage over you, analyze what they’re doing differently, and report back to you.

This information is vital, plus the fact that you don’t have to spend time doing it yourself.

Also, your VA can analyze your audience demographics, interests, age, and general information to know how to tailor your product offers and call-to-action.

Nothing better than focusing on the core part of your business while your virtual assistant organizes and handles the other parts, right?

Content editing, scheduling, promotion, and repurposing

Most brand executives are control freaks who’d rather not give up control on blog writing and course creation.

Yes, if you’re one of them, it’s completely understandable.

Even I am super picky about the kind of guest posts I accept on my blog.

You started your online business, nurtured and watched it grow, so you’re not about to give up unnecessary control of it to anyone.

However, do you know that most activities that go into blog writing could be outsourced while you focused on creating the post itself?

Things like editing, uploading blog posts to WordPress, promoting, and repurposing it on various social media channels.

You already know that a virtual assistant can supply you with adequate research material for creating content before you even get started.

What then stops you from sending the final draft of your post to your VA to be edited?

Editing alone involves time-consuming processes like proofreading, rephrasing of words, and running the entire post through an online text editor like Grammarly.

After that, your virtual assistant can upload the blog post to WordPress.

You’ll agree with me that publishing a new post on WordPress can take up a good chunk of your day.

From properly formatting the headings to inserting the images, using a website builder to create custom-designed blocks of text, to doing the final proofreading just before you hit the “publish” button.

After which you kickstart the content promotion, along with repurposing your blog post in various formats to suit different social media channels.

Promoting content is never a one-time job.

Google takes the social media popularity of a newly published blog post into account when determining how fast to rank it on search results.

Content promotion is something that’s done over and over again.

It’s a repeatable process, and as such, it’s something that’s a perfect task for a virtual assistant.

Graphic designs

Most people are visual learners by default. And as such, the images on your website should be carefully crafted to guide them through the learning processes as much as possible.

So many visual formats fall under the umbrella of graphic designs – logos, blog post images, social media images, eBook cover design, animations, and business cards.

When writing a blog post, you don’t have to worry about the graphics, as your virtual assistant can source for appropriate feature images for you and design custom images with online tools like Canva.

Making online courses usually go with eye-catching eBook covers. Graphic design virtual assistants are quick to whip up any kind of image you want for your online business, from brand logos to infographics.

Create and edit slideshow presentations

You might need to create slideshow presentations when sharing information with your audience.

A virtual assistant is a lifesaver in this kind of situation.

You literally don’t have to create it yourself. All you need to do is give your VA specific details on how the outcome of the presentation should look like, and he’ll get to work.

PowerPoint is a good tool most professional VAs use when creating slideshow presentations.

If you want the presentation to be hosted online with a link that can be easily shared with your audience, you can consider using Slideshare.

However, before presenting your slideshow to your audience, it’ll do you good to go through and master it to achieve a smooth flow in your presentation.

Transcribing audio to text

At some point in your online business, you’re going to need to transcribe audio files into text documents.

It could be transcription for interview conversations, YouTube videos for your blog, podcasts, or your online course videos.

To be honest, tasks like these are low-value. They do not directly impact the income of your business.

There is no reason for you to create a 45-minute course video and sit down for the next 1-2 hours transcribing it.

With so many virtual assistants offering transcription services, you can simply outsource it and use the free time to plan how you’ll promote your new course.

There are different online tools that’ll help your VA professionally transcribe audio to text. Express Scribe is one of them.

Scheduling meetings with clients

The more your business thrives, the more you’re going to see the need to arrange meetings with clients and business partners, either physically or virtually.

Meetings are inevitable.

Strategic meetings have the ability to skyrocket the income potential of your business.

Over time, you’re going to have to meet with clients or customers to discuss what you can’t discuss via emails.

And a part of that involves scheduling a place and time to meet if you intend on meeting physically.

If you’re planning to do a meeting online, you’ll need to go through the trouble of finding a video conferencing website and schedule the time for the meeting.

All of these activities can be done by a virtual assistant, so you don’t have to waste precious time on it.

Before a meeting is arranged, your VA will take into account the time zone differences between you and your client.

Thereafter, your VA will schedule your meeting arrangement, share the meeting URL between you and the client if you’re to meet online.

In the case of meeting physically between you and your clients, your virtual assistant can arrange the location where you both can meet.

These tasks don’t require any skill from you, only organizational skills from your VA, and as such can be easily handed out.

Taking down minutes of meetings

Scheduling meetings for you and a client is not the only thing a virtual assistant can do.

During meetings, your VA can record what’s going on, take down minutes of the meeting, and be your right-hand man as the meeting is going on.

Some problems might arise during the meeting that might require your attention. You don’t have to stress your head over them, as your VA can easily take care of it.

If your virtual assistant is working remotely from another part of the world, there is no need to wonder how he’ll take down the minutes of the meeting.

Video conferencing apps like Google Meeting can be activated during the meeting and you can have your VA join in.

The internet has made it possible to work with some of the best talents from all over the world without restriction.

Interviewing featured guests

If you have any kind of online business, especially if it’s in the niche of journalism, you’re inevitably going to interview people to get stories and sources for facts.

Sometimes, you might need to interview guests regularly on your podcast show. And that can be a time-consuming and socially-draining activity.

The process of planning out interview questions, moderating the show, attending to logistics, anticipating problems that might arise, takes a significant chunk of your time.

With the right training, a virtual assistant can handle the interview process without a hitch.

All you need to do is train, supervise, provide feedback, and you’ll soon realize that interviews can go on smoothly without you.

You’ll have to be patient to allow your VA to learn your preferences.

Creating and sending invoices to clients

Invoices are part of every service-based business. There’s nothing as sweet as creating an invoice, weekly or monthly, to get paid for work that you did.

As a virtual assistant, I know how fun and rewarding it is to list out the services I’ve done and sent it to a client.

And as much as I hate to admit it, when I calculate how much time I spend doing that monthly, it’s taking up a good amount of my time.

I’m sure it is for you as well. That is a perfect example of an administrative task.

Simply put, that task is meant to be delegated without delay.

It’s not only tasks that you know nothing about that should be outsourced. Activities that you do well, even enjoy, should be delegated as long as they’re low-value and do not directly impact your business income.

When you started out in your online business, money was a major consideration.

You cut back on spending on tools; you went for the cheapest website theme; every decision you made was passed through a financial filter.

At a point in your business, as you grew, time caught up and overtook money as the major business consideration.

That’s why you’re reading this post.

You want to buy back your time by hiring a virtual assistant so that you can focus on those activities only you can do.

Those activities that move the needle the most.

Those activities that mean the difference between profit and loss.

Businesses that scale leverage the use of their time by hiring outside help in the person of virtual assistants.

With a virtual assistant on board, all you have to do is focus on serving your customers, forward the list of services you offered to your VA, and instruct him to create and send an invoice to your client.

Creating feedback forms and surveys for customers

One of the most profitable exercises that you can engage in as an online entrepreneur is to regularly listen to the problems your audience is facing with their business.

By having your tribe share with you the struggles they face in growing their business, you’re acquiring golden information that could be used in solving their problems…

…uncommon information that can’t be found on the internet, information that could mean the difference between creating high-revenue generating courses or settling with the same old income.

The knowledge you get through the feedback from your customers could be used to adequately serve them better, strengthening their already established bond with you, and boosting the income of your online business.

But, let’s be realistic.

You don’t have all the time in the world creating forms, collating the results gotten from your customers, handling the logistics, and responding to every feedback from your customer.

This is the exact task and situation where a VA shines.

All you have to do is to write out the questions you want to ask your readers, and have your VA create the forms, send it out to your audience, manage their responses, and give you the required feedback.

What is better than having your VA supply you with the pain points of your audience before you start creating a new course for them?

Things get easier and sweeter when you don’t have to do everything by yourself.

Customer support and handling live chat

Replying to customer inquiries and feedback doesn’t seem like much when you’re in the early stages of your online business.

As a matter of fact, there’s this feeling that you’ll always get it under control, as you had no idea how swarmed the email inbox of an established business can be.

Fast forward to today.

Your inbox that was near lifeless at first has slowly taken on a life of its own. There is a beehive of activities going on in there now.

Inquiries are flowing in.

Customers are asking questions before they make purchases.

Others want a refund.

How are you going to keep up with this while still finding the time and creative energy to publish new content?

Wait, wait…some customers from other parts of the world are going to send you emails while you’re asleep. How will you deliver a timely response?

Enter virtual assistants.

The arrival of the internet has shortened the patience threshold of many, including your customers.

If they ask you a question concerning your product and a reply is not forthcoming quickly, they’ll move on to your competitors who offer similar products.

This happens when customers who are from different time zones send an email inquiring about your product.

To solve this, it’s a standard measure to hire a virtual assistant whose time zone is very different from yours.

A virtual assistant who’ll be working while you’re sleeping, giving the impression that your business is open 24/7.

Also, the virtual assistant who’ll handle your customer support should have a calm disposition, along with the ability to resolve issues quickly and professionally.

Issues such as refunds from unsatisfied customers require VAs who are able to work well under pressure.

A fast typist is an added advantage too, as that can boost the average response time to tickets by a few seconds.

You can assess these qualities of a virtual assistant over a video call.

Some customers might not have the courtesy to air their grievances via your website’s contact page and have customer support attend to them.

They might go to social media and mention your brand.

Using a free tool like Google Alerts tracking your brand mention, you can have your VA respond to such issues. If your brand was mentioned when you’re asleep, you’ll appreciate your VA resolving it without your input as he’ll be awake then.

Flight and travel arrangements

Over the course of doing business, several reasons might come up that’ll require you to travel by flight.

Flight travel comes with so many activities of its own that can sap your time and energy considerably.

Little issues that need to be taken care of like planning your itinerary, converting currencies to the one used in the destination country, flight booking itself, arranging for taxis, rescheduling flights if the weather is bad, or canceling the flight entirely, is cumbersome.

You can be so caught up in these trivial tasks that you’ll zone out during the journey instead of enjoying your travel experience.

A pro tip when letting your VA handle your flight management is to let them use an online booking tool like TravelPerk.

Online booking tools allow you to plan and book flight travel, send itineraries, create and send invoices to other members of your team, all in one place.

Website maintenance

WordPress sites and most content management systems like Wix, Squarespace, all require regular maintenance from time to time.

Updating plugins, website themes, the blog version, is a continuous practice that you do not only to maintain your website but also to prevent hackers from gaining access to your site.

At other times, you might want to create specific landing pages for selling a product or service that you offer.

Rather than using up hours of your day in setting it up, your VA can create it for you using a website builder.

Most landing pages have a form that captures the email addresses of interested customers.

Not only will your VA design the form, but he’ll also set up email sequences that’ll be triggered automatically when a subscriber decides to sign up via that form.

These kinds of emails help to nurture leads and warm up your audience to buy from you.

Reaching out for guest posting opportunities

Between creating new content for your blog and developing new products, you barely have time to maximize guest posting opportunities.

Guest blogging these days doesn’t bring in much traffic. Instead, it’s a way to create brand awareness and reach people, prospective clients, who you couldn’t have reached otherwise.

Though there have been speculations that guest blogging is dead and Google is cracking down on those who use guest posts solely to build links, I can tell you that when done right, guest blogging is a way to increase the authority of your online brand.

Now, there’s usually no time to squeeze in guest post outreach in addition to the 101 tasks you’ve got to do.

What stops you from hiring a virtual assistant for this purpose?

You can have your VA regularly reach out to a couple of websites that have a related niche as yours, and report back to you with a spreadsheet of the accepted websites.

Then, you can start writing your guest posts, or even better, hire out quality writers to do them for you.

If you’re at a loss on where to get really good writers, I’ve created a list of trusted websites where you can find them.

Outsourcing as much as you can, buying back your time, and refocusing your time and energy on only high-impact activities is a sure way to scale your business.

Build links to your blog posts

Two main factors affect how high your blog posts can rank on Google.

Though they aren’t the only ones, these two factors pull the biggest weight in determining whether your post will rank on the first page of Google or be buried on the fourth page of Google.

They are content and backlinks.

Creating quality content doesn’t prove much of a challenge. The headache comes when you’re trying to build links to that content.

You might have an idea of what to do to generate links, like doing a little guest posting or cold emailing another blogger and asking for a link, but do you genuinely have the time for all that?

I think not.

But you know what?

Who cares if you have the time?

Your VA has the time and can search the web for link building opportunities while you focus on the core areas of your online business.

Processing client’s orders

Most online businesses like e-commerce stores, offer customers a chance to place an order and have it delivered to them.

Physical products involve shipping to the country of the client.

However, in this age where most products have become digital in nature, a virtual assistant will be needed instead of drop shippers.

Digital products and services like courses, writing services, and others can be handled by your VA.

Processing client orders mean different things in different businesses.

One of my clients has a content writing service business, and as a virtual assistant, my job is to process orders from a client that wants an article written.

The order processing involved writing the content brief for the article and passing it to the writers to start writing.

Whatever order needs to be processed in your business, a virtual assistant is the one to get the job done.

Data entry

Entering data records is a necessary task that must be done in most online businesses, even if you feel that your time could be better used elsewhere.

If you’re a blogger, you should focus on creating awesome content instead of entering records of your email subscriber or customer details.

As a marketer, promoting your new content should be a top priority rather than filling in the information of new leads on a spreadsheet.

You get my point now, right?

A virtual assistant is perfect for the mindless task of compiling and sorting data, checking it for accuracy, maintaining data records, and presenting the data to you in your preferred format.


Unless you have an accounting online business, chances are that you don’t fancy the idea of doing the bookkeeping yourself.

Most financial-related activities like creating and sending invoices to clients, paying bills on time, reconciling credit card statements, submitting sales tax reports can be outsourced to a VA.

Before the internet age, the previous norm was to hire a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to take care of those issues.

Now, you can pay a virtual assistant for a fraction of what you’ll hire a CPA to get the job done.

Personal errands

In some special cases, a virtual assistant might live in the same state and city as you.

So then, how do you maximize the proximity in location?

There’s no rule that says that only official tasks can be delegated to a VA. Remember that a VA is basically a personal assistant that operates remotely.

So, if you’re able to meet your VA physically, you could have him run errands like picking up a birthday gift for a loved one, delivering items, and stuffs like that.

Unlike a personal assistant who is always around, you could have your VA show up only when you need him. That’s convenient if you’re the type that cherishes minimal physical contact with people in the workplace.

Handling support desk

Customers always run into issues when accessing your products. Your product could be a standalone course or it could be found in a membership site.

Whatever the platform, as your business grows the customer base also grows, and that means more inquiries about your business.

Answering all those questions could take up a significant chunk of your day.

And what’s more?

You must’ve observed that there are some sets of questions that are always repeated by customers, making you provide the same answers over and over again.

Why not create canned responses for those type of questions?

Then give your VA a thorough orientation about your business to enable him to answer most questions your customers have.

Important and personal questions can be directed to you if you wish.

Nothing more freeing than working on actually growing your business while your VA handles the nitty-gritty.

Calendar management

The reason why some entrepreneurs feel like eight hours is not enough to work in a day is because of a lack of clear direction mixed with remaining as a one-man show.

With clear calendar management, those same online entrepreneurs will be amazed at how productive they’ll be in a day.

Virtual assistants offer the perfect opportunity for bringing order to a busy entrepreneur’s day.

With so many calendar scheduling tools online, all you need is a meticulous assistant to coordinate your itinerary and you’ll start making the most of each day.

This is the perfect task to outsource to a virtual assistant

Training new team members

When you hire a new team member, it’s often obligatory to prepare some level of training and show the newbie the way around your business.

Text documents like such as a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), video tutorials, and a little guidance are needed every time you bring in a new team member.

This task is very necessary, but at the same time, is not something you have to do yourself.

Teaching your virtual assistant all the steps required to onboard a team member will eliminate the work of repeating the same process continuously.

So, next time when you hire someone new, all you have to do is allow your VA to take over the onboarding process.

That’s one way to quickly automate the onboarding process.

Moderating blog comments

Ideally, appreciative comments from readers should flood your new blog posts after publishing.

Readers would love to thank you, offer feedback, and let you know their takeaway lesson in the comment section.

And you wouldn’t have to moderate comments at all.

In the ideal world, the comments you get are supposed to brighten your day.

But nope, that’s not how it works.

Spammy and annoying comments make up the majority of feedback you’ll get from your blog posts.

And what’s worse?

If you approve these comments, they could pile up to the point where they affect your rankings in search engines like Google.

Some anti-spam plugins have been helpful in combating unwanted comments from blogs. Still, every now and then, some spam comments escape these defensive mechanisms.

Leaving priority work to moderate comments should be added to the tasks that your VA do for you.

Mindless, administrative activities such as trashing comments can disturb your creative flow.

Its best left for a VA to handle.

Want to Hire a Virtual Assistant? Hire Me

I’ve helped several clients perform most of the tasks I’ve listed here. And a pattern I observed is that, after a month or two of hiring me, their customers somewhat increased.

Customer orders increased, activity in the business became more, and I had more tasks on my plate.

I’m sure it’s an experience most brand executives have noticed after hiring a VA.

These entrepreneurs focused on what moved the needle the most, and I’m happy I was of help.

I can do the same for you too. As I said my pricing isn’t as high as all.

To get started, you can hire me right away.

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