Case Study — Practo Care

Practo Search is a patient focused, unbiased, independent medical website with over 100,000 doctor profiles from across India and Singapore. Patients can book confirmed appointments with doctors listed on Practo’s website. This is a free service for both the patient and the doctor.

Practo Care: Find and hire caretakers for the elderly and babysitters in IndiaProblem Statement:

Given the rapid urbanisation, families in India are becoming increasingly nuclear and smaller. This is leading to a lack of caregivers for Children and Elders. If you had to create a consumer product that solves for “Babysitters” and “Caretakers for the elderly” in India — how would you go about it?

Please share your insights, thought process behind solving the problem. Some questions that can be answered as part of your solution –

What will be the biggest risks when solving this problem? How can the product/solution address those risks?What are the key insights in solving this problem?How would you break down the problem?What role can technology play in solving this problem?What would be the key tenets of your solution and why?Potential solutions (with mock-ups/wireframes if possible).What will be the key moats of the solution?How would you measure the success of the pilot?

Pointers from above description:

People want to hire the right person who could take care/look after their children/elders, for a regular or a specific time periodProvide ample supply as carers to fulfil demand


In order to find the solution, I created user personas and performed usability testing on these personas specific users further taking user interviews and perform a storyboard exercise. This helped in breaking down the problem statement and list down the pain points for the users to achieve their objective.


Users who need carers — babysitters (Name: Kushagra Mokhariwale)Description: Both he and his wife are working professional living in Bangalore with his 2 months old toddler.Wants to get someone who can take care of his child while the couple is at their workplace.Someone who can also perform basic household chores while the couple is at their workplace.Needed someone who is experienced in taking care of children of that age.Both he and his wife are working professional living in Bangalore with his old father.Wants to get someone who can take care of his old father as a caretaker.Someone who is professional, trained and certified in emergency response first aid training.Needed someone who is experienced in taking care of elders.

2. Users who are wants to provide service as a caretaker/babysitter (Name: Alisha)Description:

Experienced in taking care of children.Can cook food for children and qualified for teaching.Is available from 10am-6pm.

3. Agencies who are wants to provide service by providing their caretakers/babysitters (Name: Caregiver Pvt. Limited)

Description:They want to provide services of their trained professional caretakers/babysitters

Established line of business perform verification of caretakers on their end.Willing to pay to sponsor for their caretakers to be shown on top of the listing page.

There can be multiple characteristics of these personas viz. Service provider is a part timer or available for full time, if the hirer wants to hire for a day or on a regular basis for a specified period etc.

Storyboard for Persona 1

The biggest risks which were revealed after the exercise were to address :

Security- Authenticity, trust, safety of the house and members, safety of carers (esp. girls/woman)Privacy- Secure their private data, like house address, phone numbers, family members details, Confidentiality of Medical & Personal data

To curb these risks the following solutions were proposed:

Authenticity- BGV check, Interviews before selectionTrust- Reviews & Ratings, Curated Feedback collection from employer after the service completion which helps in providing curated ReviewsSafety- Insurance assurance, stringent background check, Nanny cam, SOS-for carers (the Do’s and Don’ts: before accepting any job offers to have a video call meeting with potential employer to discuss the details and agree on the terms and conditions.Confidentiality- Non-disclosure agreement for Service providers. Legally bound for not sharing personal/ medical data.

Pain Points of Users

Following issues and pain points were identified for hirers in their journey map:

Too little option for their city, Expensive service, Unorganised services, not available on an hourly basis or pay as you use model, Trust/Security/Authenticity, Need experienced carers, Confusion on pricing on how much to pay to a service provider, Persistent Trust issue, Security of household goods and people they loved

The below proposed points caters to solve the above pain points of the hirers and service providers:

Flexible hiring- Hire for any periodBGV- Stringent background checks and scrutiny done while onboarding caregiver as verified individual on the platform. Proper authenticity check of certificate and trainings completed by carer.Confidentiality- Non-disclosure agreement for Service providers. Legally bound for not sharing personal/ medical data.Budget price suggestion for posting a job, helping out hirer in deciding on a suitable budget.To help out in deciding quickly on a caregiver, features like requirement match score is displayed- which gives percentage value on how many skills and characteristics matches your requirementSchedule video interview before calling them on premiseDo’s and Don’ts communicated to both employer and carer like: Before accepting any job offers to have a face-to-face meeting with potential employer to discuss the details and agree on the terms and conditions.Curated interview questions/FAQs to help hirer with the interview (Which has been previously asked for that job)Curated feedback collection after service completion. Curated questions to provide ratings and reviews about the job and carer will be collected from the employer. Example: Kindly rate ‘Alisha’ communication skills, rate Alisha’s teaching skills, rate your experience with Alisha’s service on handling children, Did Alisha maintained professionalism throughout the course of the service?, Did Alisha maintained hygiene throughout the course of the service, how do you rate Alisha on her ability to help children with their studies? Etc. The reviews and ratings will help employers to get answers to their questions while also providing an idea on a scale of 1–5 how much is the carer suited for the care service they are looking for.Insurance Assurance (Practo Care Insurance Program): Theft and damage loss to be insured for the service being provided. (An insurance program can be provided as similar to flight booking model as users are presented with insurance option for an additional amount. Potential existing vendors can be partnered for this service like Godigit) when testing during pilot launch.SOS service for carers who travel to employers premise (App tracking location and SOS active floating button accessible all the time)Nanny Cam- Employers can choose to rent and Carers can be asked to travel with Nanny cams for the duration of their service which can be placed in employer house. The employer thus can access live feed on their mobile phone through Practo Care app anytime. In case of any alarming sign they can directly call the carer or use live customer care line provided to them which will be connected to Practo Care to resolve their queries or even alert their neighbour to check on the situation.A chat between employer and carer can be initiated only when both of them accept their respective request i.e. an employer can start chatting with a caregiver once the caregiver accepts their job request, and vice versaPersonal phone numbers are not disclosed to both parties and a virtual number service is used which will route calls to the respective party and this number will be displayed once either of the parties accept request (accept job request, or accept job application)Dashboard will be provided to both employer and service provider to keep track of their posted job requests inviting applicants or sent requests.

What to measure?

Drop rate on listing page/ conversion rate per registered user (to measure ample supply), Ratio of carer to employer and devise a strategy to maintain a healthy ratio.Expensive service: Supply rate variation with +/- 30% average cost per hire for related service.User feedback, clickmaps and heatmaps to understand how users are interacting with the website and what is hampering conversion rate.How many users are using video interview services and if there is an increase in conversion rate for the users who use this service, perform A/B test to get to a conclusionNumber of employers opting for nanny cam, Revenue generated through this service.Number of employers opting for Practo Care Insurance Program, Revenue generated through this service.Average messages sent per user.Average job applicants per jobJob posting trend graph (track ROI on any marketing activity)

Key insights and numbers to look at:

Funnel conversion rateAvg. Revenue per service provider (Segment and sub-segment wise)Verified & Unverified conversion rate and ARPUAvg. time/ booking (Segment and sub-segment wise)Avg. Customer Rating/ segmentNPS score (Collected through feedback collected by both employer and carer)Ratio of carer to employerRejection & Cancellation Rate (Order fulfilment ratio)


Whimsical public link-

User Onboarding:

User (Employer) is provided a free flow entry point without registration/signup, once they find a prospect and click on the ‘send request’ button they are drawn into signing up on the platform and further into creating their profile and posting job requirements. (Utilising Foot-in-the-door technique to reduce drop offs and increase conversion).Cues like number of ‘caregivers available in their city to serve them’ are provided to employers to give them a sense of contentment that there is huge supply for them and they would easily find the caregiver they are looking for.User (Caregiver) is provided a free flow entry point without registration/signup, once they find a prospect job and click on apply to this job’ button they are drawn into signing up on the platform and further into creating their profile. (Utilising Foot-in-the-door technique to reduce drop offs and increase conversion).Cues like number of ‘Jobs available in their city to which they can provide their service to’ are provided to caregivers to give them a sense of contentment that there is huge demand for them and they would easily get hired for the jobs they are looking for.

Retention & User Engagement:

Employer can either directly send request for a job to a caregiver or post their job requirements to receive applications for the job.

While a Caregiver can directly apply for a listed job or can respond to a job request sent to them.

In both the ‘request’ and ‘application’ works a hook to get back caregiver and employer back to the platform and engage further. When a job post gets application employer is notified about it and thus they get back to the platform to check this prospect, in similar fashion when a caregiver gets a job request they are notified about it thus bringing them back to the platform to check on the job requirements.

Verified Badge

This feature shall be used to keep the Service provider engaged and generate additional revenue through out the user life cycle.Verified badge shall serve as an assurance and this will help mitigate major risk like — security, authenticity and privacy.Verified badge is an assurance of the following service

i) BGV verification

ii) Insurance claim

iii) Privacy and confidentiality bond


Pre Booking:

For verified profile: Disclaimer stating the advantage of choosing a verified profile which makes the Customer eligible for the listed benefits such as Practo Care InsuranceSafety & Security assurance with Verified Background verification of the service providerInsurance claims for any damage.Privacy & Confidentiality of personal/ medical data by the service provider under Non-disclosure agreement.

Post Booking

Customer will be notified after booking in form of a banner message about the Dos’ & Don’ts

Similarly, in the case of choosing an unverified profile, or dealing with a caregiver outside the website/app will make the services provided by Practo Null and Void (Insurance) and Practo will not be liable for any issues or loss incurred. A disclaimer will be shown to user with a agree/ disagree checkbox where Practo will not be liable for the above mentioned issues.

Similar disclaimer will be issued for payment instruction where any payment made offline shall not be considered at Practo verified service.

Revenue Model

Before looking at the revenue, we will need to see overall Cost to Company: (Fixed Cost + Exponential cost: CPO [Cost per order])

Fixed cost: Business, tech, operation, marketing cost etc.CPO: Can be further broken into Cost per hire and one time fixed cost for supply.

i) Fixed cost per Supply

Marketing cost per on-boardingRegistration cost : On-boarding cost which involves recurring BGV cost.Privacy & Confidentiality bond — Non Disclosure agreementNanny cam

ii) CPH (Cost per hire -Care giver)

Call centreInsurance coverage

Basis the cost to company, we can design the commission% and other variable attributes for revenue.

Revenue Model can be broken into two Segments:

A) Service Provider

B) Employer

Service Provider

Service Provider can initially register them on Practo care for free trial for a period of 1 months which will create ample supply during this launch period (1–3 months depending upon the supply generated).Direct cost to company during the free trial shall be for BGV check for creating ample verified listing on the page.

Post Launch Period Mechanism:

I) Commission Model:

Practo will charge X% commission from provider for all its booking done through its app/website, and will be deducted from the payment made to them. We can also include BGV cost to the charged amount for a booking. So each cost displayed over the website will have display price ‘X’ which will be sum of Care Service Fees+BGV+Platform commission and when booking employers will be shown option to opt for insurance, renting nanny cam these cost will be also be added to ‘X’ when user opt for these services.This charge will be per order to cover the insurance and quality assurance given from Practo.The insurance service is only applicable for services paid online (before the service). And thus, it is not applicable for cash payment mode.

II) Sponsor Model

Paid promotion to jump up the listing

Future Revenue Prospects

Basis the data, we can explore the below opportunities towards service provider.

Subscription model: (For agencies and Full term service provider)

Employer Revenue Model

Insurance coverage feeMonthly/ Weekly subscription for caregiver.Convenience fee 5% order for quality assurance (Future prospects)

Defining success:

Objective of the pilot is to determine:

If the service is a viable long term business opportunity or not?Is the proposed product a market fit solution solving user problems?

Metrics to be measured

i) No of Orders & users

ii) GMV (Gross revenue)

iii) LTV v/s CAC ratio

iv) ARPU

v) AOV per category

vi) Customer Satisfaction: Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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